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L A D Y  R I P P L E

An Awareness Brand Turning Ripples into Waves

Wanting to contribute to a healthier lifestyle globally and circle back to balance with nature, Lady Ripple is an awareness brand dedicated to sustainable living and circular prosperity.   Lady Ripple collaborates with passionate artists, designers, creatives and artisans who embody hand-crafted expert skill in a very sustainable way, leaving little to waste.  We initiate a circular economy and environmental sustainability vis-a’- vis our platform where high-end artisanal products are showcased on our online store, social media sites and customized shows.   All products are hand-made in Italy. 

The artisan and artist have always been a fundamental advocate of expression for the times.  It is through Lady Ripple collaborations that the expertise of the masters and the value of the artisans are brought forth from the anonymity of their studios into the public eye.  A New Renaissance is slowly beginning to happen today, which actively supports a prosperous local community, bespoke creativity and authentic value.  Quality over quantity.

Founders Laura Shadden and Allyson Volpe joined forces in 2019 to launch their Lady Ripple awareness brand.  Combining their decades of experience as residents in Tuscany, the two Americans joined forces to create a platform that has the artisan firmly in its focus.  Artisans are the creatives who maintain a sustainable community and multi-generations whose authentic passion and mastery has endured the test of time.   Combining their talents – Shadden utilizing her 30 years as professional design consultant in the fashion industry for global luxury lifestyle brands and Volpe, a long-time writer and wellness advocate -- the duo brings the stories of artisans to life that celebrate their intrinsic value and provide a platform of awareness for them. 

With the global plight of the bee firmly in mind, the bee is Lady Ripple’s adopted symbol and 10% of all sales profits go towards our “Bee the Ripple” initiative with multi-disciplinary artists, artisans and apiculturists that ripples back to the community and to sustainable living.  For Lady Ripple, the beehive is a superb motivational symbol to create something meaningful for the greater good of all.




Fine Silver Cookware
The return of elegant professional cookware by Italian artisans is brought from Florence, Italy by Cookware Couture.  Silver has been known to protect the natural flavors of fresh ingredients:  it is the most sustainable cookware material for the environment due to its longevity and the healthiest with which to cook based on its anti-bacterial and non-toxic leaching properties.  Every piece is unique, numbered and dated, and on request, customized.  Crafted from the renowned artisan studios of Tuscany, this hand-made cookware is meant for daily usage and to be passed on to future generations, its Cookware Couture life-time guarantee ensuring its sustainability.

With uniqueness of design and versatility, this choice 999 percent silver cookware with a copper core is dual-purpose in its two-handle design – allowing it to be in play from stovetop to table-top for ease and elegance.  Made for today’s lifestyle, the cookware can be used on every type of stove, oven and dishwasher. 


Black Crystal
The chic Italian design of black crystal glasses has been created for Lady Ripple by Collevilca, a family company boasting over 55 years of experience as artisans.  Making the most of a treasure trove of two generations’ worth of experience, the traditional way of working with crystal is repeatedly unchanged as each phase is wrought completely by hand. The blowing, modelling and finishing of the pieces is linked to the ceremonial magic of the masters.  Located in the Tuscan town of Colle di Val d’Elsa -- considered the Italian crystal capital, as glass and crystal-ware have been produced there for over 800 years -- Collevilca lends its prestigious experience as master glass makers to collaborate with important architects, artists and accomplished professionals.  The results of this synergy are unique, highly artistic one-off objects.